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Having a happy ending depends largely upon where you stop the story.

It is now the time to turn the last page and close the book on Margaret Michaels HRC Inc..  These past thirty years have generated a long and interesting narrative, chapters filled with plot twists and many noteworthy characters.  It is time, however, for this character to make a graceful exit from the field of workplace investigations. 

To Ron Coleman, Madhu Gupta and Helen Lanctot, my heartfelt thanks to each of you for joining the company roster and sharing your expertise with our clients.  I am deeply grateful for the very positive impact you have had.  The privilege of association with you was and remains wholly mine.

We wish to express our deepest appreciation to the many public and private sector employers who relied upon us to assist with workplace difficulties.  To those clients who have given us the ultimate vote of confidence and retained us again (and again), it has been an honour to have forged a business relationship with you.  Thank you.  We have enjoyed having your company along the way.

Moving forward into retirement presents the opportunity for a different story.  I am curious to see what the plot has in store as I turn the first pages of this new book.


Margaret Michaels